Why Soft Skills Training

Need for Soft Skills Training

CCSD will offer programs and courses that fill the soft skills training gap and make each participant a very impressive communicator, a powerful presenter and a sought after public speaker. Apart from speaking skills CCSD will also be conducting many other behavioral skills programs.

It is observed that all forms of communication are important in managing corporate organisations and large businesses, CCSD will be designing training workshops and courses to cover a wide spectrum of communication needs in Industry.
At the Center for Career & Skill development special emphasis will be paid to training groups keeping in view their common needs of Industry. There will be interactive training which helps to thoroughly engage participants and encourage them to take charge of the training processes discussed. We plan to lay stress on the take-away from the training. This will also make students job ready and build up their confidence.

It is observed that even professionals working in various industries need mentoring and support for making them more proficient in their work and free from any kind of fear. Confidence and courage building exercises for students will be devised. It is a continuous effort to keep on improving these exercises and procedures for the benefit of all. The Center for Career and Skill Development plays an active role in the development of soft skills like Personality Development, Communication skills, Voice Culture & Speaking Skills programme that will help the students bring about an all round improvement. We even plan to bringing about a positive change in the education system through a qualitative improvement of teaching and training methods.

Effective Communication skills