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September 2019

We’ve taken 6 key employability skills and matched them with free online courses to help you build your resume and further your career. No matter what job you are applying for, possessing excellent skills in these 6 areas will help you stand out from the crowd and get hired.

Management College in Thane - 6 Key Employability Skills

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1. Communication Skills

Excellent written and verbal communication skills are paramount to getting a job. Reading comprehension, grammar, writing, presentation and public speaking skills all rank very high on an employer’s list of requirements and will help you when getting a job as well as in the job. If English is not your first language, then concentrate on improving conversational English skills through online courses and in practice with native speakers.

2. Computer Skills

Basic computer skills are required for almost every job these days. You absolutely need to be proficient with word processing and spreadsheet programs like Microsoft Word and Excel. While knowing how to program a computer isn’t always necessary, understanding simple HTML programming can be helpful in many situations and will let an employer know that you have technical aptitude. If you want to go further, explore introductory computer science courses like Harvard’s CS50 that will build your critical thinking skills. You should also check out Excel online classes to hep expand your knowledge.

3. Leadership & Management Skills

Have you taken a leadership role in school or on a sports team? Do you have experience managing a project? Leadership is a very important skill within an organization and developing your ability to take the helm and successfully lead a team or move a project forward will help you go further in your career. Explore additional business and management courses.

4. Organizational Skills

Every job requires the management of time and resources. A person with excellent organizational skills can juggle multiple complicated work assignments across tight deadlines and make everything run smoothly.

5. Critical Thinking/Problem Solving Skills

Employers look for strong critical thinking and problem solving ability in a job candidate. There are often multiple paths to complete a project or assignment and the employee must weigh all factors and determine the optimal solution. Develop your problem solving ability by taking online math courses. Taking analytics courses or an introductory computer programming course will improve your critical thinking skills. See 10 reasons why analytical skills belong on your resume.

6. Great Attitude/Self-Motivational Skills

Employers want to hire people that will strengthen the energy level in the office and add to a friendly and welcoming work environment. It is important to be self-motivated and have a “can do” attitude. Learn about the science behind happiness and bring a strong and positive outlook and energy to your next meeting or job interview.

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