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Keep it simple and light

Keep the tone casual and light. Don’t make the audience feel like it’s some big activity to be done by them. Let your question and options look like it is fun and casual. Over the top humorous tone might not go well with all, but it does not mean you make it appear boring under the pretext of following rigid guidelines. Before creating polls, remember that the outcomes are going to be useful for your brand in some or the other way always.

Inform & educate with your content

Information can be shared using ways which can be fun and quirky. You can ask a question whose detailed answer can be shared on a link on your website or a blog page, for e.g. This is not only allow the audience to have fun of guessing the right answer, but this in turn will drive traffic to your website. And this can be a good reason to run a poll.

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Give importance to the Audience

Let your audience feel that their suggestion and opinion matters to you a lot. Don’t just create polls for the sake of it. Ask such questions that actually matter to you and your customers. Interact with them, share the results and Thank them for participating in the polls. Let the conversation regarding the polls be easy, quick, and informal.

Get ideas and suggestions from your Target Audiencen

Your audience is your actual target audience. Understand what they are looking for and what they want. When you listen to them, you will get new ideas which you can use in your next marketing strategy. Their ideas and suggestions matter the most because they are the most authentic ones. It will definitely help you improve the strategies.

Try and Be personal

When you are having an Instagram polling, let them feel like an actual person is having a conversation with them, asking them questions. Dont let the tone be rigid or official. Be casual and personal as far as possible for best results.

Make sure to Implement the ideas

This is the most important part – once the polling is done, Analyse the votes, and then use the information to create the content that matters to them, that suits their interests. Likewise, the audience will understand that you are listening to them which will result in brand loyalty and goodwill too.

These are some question types which you can ask to your audience in the polls –