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Digital marketing

Digital marketing is a broad term that describes a set of marketing processes that utilize all available digital channels to promote a product or service or build a digital brand.  Digital marketing has come to succeed traditional marketing and the transition from paper and newspaper ads to Facebook and PPC campaigns.

Digital marketing encompasses all the marketing processes that revolves around a variety of digital channels in order to promote the products or services of a business. It actually signifies the implementation of marketing ideas by using the resources like desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones, digital billboards, gaming consoles, mobiles, and digital magazines among others.

The use of a resource, however, depends on the requirements of the product and the budget that a business can afford. So, digital marketing is, basically, a wider term that incorporates different kinds of marketing techniques for websites, blogs, banners, and many other techniques of paid online advertising. The term has overpowered traditional marketing and it has given rise to a transition from paper and banner ads to digital campaigns like Facebook, Email, and PPC among others.

The term digital marketing also refers to mobile marketing and digital video recorders among others. So, the technique, 'digital marketing', basically, makes use of all the digital platforms, digital channels, and digital devices no matter whether they are online or not. Other channels involved in digital marketing are banner placement, web TV, billboards, and anything with a digital foundation. As the technique does not limit itself to the use of Internet, it acts as an umbrella that encloses different marketing techniques.

The channels that make up digital marketing include: Web sites, Social media platforms, Banner placement, email marketing, mobile marketing, SEO, pay per click campaigns, Web TV, SMS, billboards and anything else with a digital foundation.

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Internet Marketing

Internet marketing is a subset of digital marketing. It is in fact the most important component since the majority of digital marketing activities fall within the boundaries of Internet marketing

It involves the use of resources that completely revolves around the World Wide Web. Internet marketing requires a live Internet connection to promote the products and services of a business. For instance, in order to run a PPC (pay-per-click) campaign, you need an Internet connection to make it function. So, implementing PPC signifies the form of Internet marketing.

You can say that most of the Digital marketing activities take place around Internet marketing. So, basically, it's the type of marketing that use website, email, and social media.

The Major Channels of Internet Marketing are:

Web site

Either a personal website or a corporate website or even a personal blog hosted on a shared platform (like WordPress or Tumblr). For many campaigns a website is the starting point and the destination i.e. you run a digital marketing campaign to promote a website (starting point) with the purpose of getting more visitors (destination).

Search Marketing (SEM)

Search Marketing is the basis of Internet Marketing and consists of two important activities, SEO and PSA. SEO has to do with optimization techniques for the purpose of achieving higher rankings in Search engines. It has two major components: On Page SEO and Off Page SEO.

Paid Search Advertising (PSA)

Paid Search Advertising is about getting visitors by placing ads on search engines. The most popular approach is the Pay Per Click (PPC) and the most well-known tool is Google Adwords which lets you advertise on the Google and partner network.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is another component of Internet marketing and one that is gaining a lot of attention the last couple of years. Millions of users spend a considerable amount of their on-line time on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn and on other SM platforms and this fact alerted digital marketers to take SM seriously and make it a part of the digital marketing campaigns.

Content Marketing

Since 2011, content marketing has become the new SEO. This simply means that good content has become again the foundation of SEO and it is through content that you will build a better Internet presence and not through cheap link building techniques.

Email Marketing

Email is not dead but on the contrary it is one of the most important tools in every digital marketing campaign. Despite the influence of social media, email is still the most efficient way to convert visitors or readers into customers.

In terms of marketing, email marketing is the process of gathering email addresses from people interested in your products or services for the purpose of sending them newsletters or offers.

Mobile Marketing

More and more users use their mobile phones to search the web, engage on social media, or find products or services to buy. In fact it is estimated that 30% of the traffic coming to a website is from mobile.

Mobile marketing is about creating content or ads that is viewable and suitable for a mobile device. For example: websites should have mobile friendly versions and an advertisement shown on a mobile device may take into account the location of the device and show the nearest shops that sell the particular product.

Banner Advertising

You can find banners in almost all web properties i.e. websites, mobile websites, mobile apps, search engines, newsletters, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc. Digital marketers try to promote their products or services through different types of banners (static, text, animated, images, videos, clever banners) in different platforms.


It is important to understand that Internet Marketing is a subset of digital marketing and not something different. When we talk about digital marketing in essence we mean Internet marketing plus SMS, WebTV and digital advertising


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